Mina Webbkurser

See how we worked with Ila to build a new platform for sustainable living
Mina Webbkurser
August 2020 - present
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The opportunity

Mina Webbkurser, a visionary in online holistic health and sustainable living courses, sought to bring their groundbreaking concept to life.

They envisioned a digital platform that empowered users with knowledge, inspired a sense of community, and promoted holistic well-being. The challenge was to create this innovative platform from scratch.

What we did

In close collaboration with Ila, Folk embarked on a comprehensive journey to transform their vision into a vibrant reality.

This multifaceted approach encompassed the creation of an authentic brand identity, the development of a user-friendly and visually engaging website from the ground up, the curation of captivating content from experts, the seamless integration of third-party course tools, the enhancement of the learning experience through captivating video editing and animation, and the empowerment of content creators through the provision of a comprehensive guide.

Together, these efforts culminated in the birth of Mina Webbkurser's innovative digital platform, a testament to our commitment to holistic health and sustainable living.

The outcome

The impact of our collaboration with Mina Webbkurser has been transformative. Their new digital platform, built entirely from scratch, empowers individuals to make conscious, sustainable choices. It fosters a vibrant, supportive community, enriched by engaging video content.

The content creator guide has enabled experts to join the journey, enriching the knowledge base. Mina Webbkurser's platform is now a beacon of inspiration and knowledge, reinforcing their mission and driving increased user engagement.

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