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We founded folk to provide a breath of fresh air in a field where numbers tend to get more attention than people. We design digital products for your folk.

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folk was started in 2020 by Sara and Daniel with a simple idea of being an inclusive design studio. A thought of being something more than just another agency. An inspiring space with a nice atmosphere and personal collaborations.

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Creative Direction & Art Direction

Brand & Product Naming

Visual Identity & Brand Voice

Brand Collateral & Print Design

Content Strategy & Copywriting

Search Engine Optimization

UX Design

Web Design

Interactive Prototyping

Front-end Development

Product Design


We select software based on a client-first perspective with the aim to give you control over your products and services

A short selection of cloud-based progressive tools we use to make sure our design is always up to date

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What is your design process?
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We combine user-centered services to help you build a forward-thinking brand and launch your products and services.

Strategy - We begin with identifying pain points that users are experiencing (or could experience) and explore how products can help solve those problems.

UX/UI Design - UX/UI design is our way of connecting the product with the user as an intuitive user experience. We look at the layout of each page or screen and make sure all of the design elements fit together in a visually appealing way.

Prototype - We use code to translate the design’s intent into a functioning experience, like a website or an app. Then, our team figure out what designs are the most intuitive and technically feasible.

Launch - We show you how digital marketing channels work, which options are best suited to you, and how to set up a clear plan or strategy that will help you achieve your goals and assess your results.

What programmes do you use?
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Figma IconWebflow IconAdobe CC IconSlack IconHubspot Iconmiro logo

We select software based on a client-first perspective with the aim to give you control over your products and services.

Do you develop on Webflow?
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Yes! We feel that Webflow provides immense value and ease of use for our clients whilst still providing us with enough freedom, power and agility to create beautifully effective websites. If you are a fan of Webflow, you are a friend of ours.

How big is folk?
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Folk is managed and lead by a team of two - Sara and Daniel. We work with a team of 3 and have selected partners to team up with when needed.

Our team includes individuals with skill in marketing & digital strategy, UI/UX design, illustration, copywriting, website development, product testing, video production and motion graphics.

Do you work remotely?
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Folk is a remote first agency. We don't see why physical distance should limit creativity and teamwork. Our studio is set-up for full digital collaboration. All though our team is located in Lund, Östersund and Stockholm if you do want to have a live coffee.



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If you want a friendly design studio to help create brands and digital products people really love, get in touch

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