See how we worked with Emma to transform their studio to an online space during covid-19
December 2020 - August 2021
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The opportunity

Lyckolabbet, a Mental Wellness Gym, sought to enhance its digital presence and address the challenge of offering virtual wellness experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What we did

Our agency collaborated with Lyckolabbet to redesign their website and seamlessly integrate in-studio and online wellness experiences. This transformation allowed Lyckolabbet to provide uninterrupted wellness services during challenging times.

The outcome

Our partnership resulted in a digital platform that exceeded expectations. The website served as a gateway to both in-studio and virtual wellness, showcasing unique fusion classes and inviting visitors to explore mental wellness.

This transformation empowered Lyckolabbet to foster wellness in mind, body, and soul, bridging physical and virtual boundaries during the pandemic.

These stars are behind Lyckolabbet's new website FLOW. They are extremely talented and put all their skills and heart into their commitments. I am so happy with what they created for us, highly recommend them!

Emma Lundstedt

Co-Founder at Lyckolabbet

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