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mina webbkurser

Mina Webbkurser focuses on providing online courses that promote a more sustainable lifestyle. The platform highlights courses in holistic health and sustainable living, taught by inspiring experts.

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We teamed up with Ila Lassfolk to create a digital platform that would empower users with knowledge, inspire a tight-knit community and promote holistic well-being. They needed someone to build this innovative platform from the ground up, and we started by creating a brand identity that truly captures the essence of Mina Webbkurser.

We designed a website that was easy to use and visually appealing, as well as curating engaging content from experts in the field. We wanted to take the learning experience to the next level, so we seamlessly integrated third-party course tools and even sprinkled in some captivating video editing and animation.

We also wanted to empower content creators, so we created a comprehensive guide for them. Now experts can join the journey and enrich the knowledge base on the Mina Webbkurser platform. It's like a beautiful collaboration of minds coming together to change the world.

The impact of our work with Ila has been nothing short of transformative. Their new digital platform empowers individuals to make conscious, sustainable choices. Mina Webbkurser's platform is now a beacon of inspiration and knowledge, reinforcing their mission and driving user engagement.