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Salli and Oona founded Make Your Own in Åre, the largest ski resort in northern Sweden. Their vision was to make traditional crafts accessible, especially to beginners, by offering simple, sustainable and stylish do-it-yourself products.

woman holding phone — Hello Folk

At Hello Folk, we had the opportunity to collaborate with MYO, a brand that celebrates the joy of crafting for beginners. We were inspired by MYO's ethos of empowering people to effortlessly create beautiful decor and accessories. Together, we set out to enhance their e-commerce platform and create a seamless and intuitive online shopping experience.

Our main goal was to reflect MYO's commitment to sustainability and easy DIY in every aspect of the site. We worked closely with MYO's founders, Oona and Salli, not only to overcome technical challenges, but also to capture the essence of the brand on each product page. We wanted to ensure that every step of the shopping journey was as enjoyable and accessible as possible.

Make Your Own E-commerce and Blog

But our collaboration didn't stop at e-commerce solutions. We also wanted to create a vibrant community space in line with MYO's mission. We wanted to create a hub where DIY enthusiasts could connect, learn and grow together. And that's exactly what we've done. This community platform has become a thriving space that demonstrates MYO's commitment to making DIY accessible, fun and environmentally conscious.

make your own product hello folk design duo — Hello Folk

The result? A truly transformative experience for MYO. Their vision of inspiring beginners and fostering a love of craft came to life. We made crafting without an art degree more accessible than ever before. And that's what Hello Folk is all about - the power of design to improve everyday life and create meaningful connections. We couldn't be happier with the outcome of our collaboration with MYO.