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Coly helps operators create detailed profiles of students or tenants so they can make matches that promote high social functioning, community and personal growth. Their mission is to minimise room turnover and conflict by cultivating a sense of belonging and well-being among users.

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Coly is changing the way people live together. It's all about improving shared living in universities, colleges, and co-living spaces. What sets Coly apart is their innovative use of advanced psychometric assessments based on the Big 5 personality model and the PVQ values model. When Coly came to us, they were at a crossroads. They needed to adapt their product to better meet the needs of the market.

We took on the challenge of redesigning Coly's web application to capture the true essence of what they do - creating harmonious shared living spaces through personality matching. We wanted to make Coly's application more than just a tool for finding a tenant. We wanted it to be a platform for building thriving communities.

We developed a modular system of components to make the application scalable. This means that as Coly grows, the application can easily adapt. But we didn't stop at functionality. We also paid attention to aesthetics. We embedded elements that reflect Coly's commitment to community and personal wellbeing.

Coly's complementary website is informative, but also demonstrates the application's potential for scalability and impact. We even added illustrations to give users a glimpse of the app's unique features, such as psychometric profile matching and insights for staff and students. And we made sure to prioritise multilingual support to make it accessible to all.

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At Hello Folk, we're proud to be working with Coly to reshape the shared accommodation landscape. Together we're making shared living more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.