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care by åberg

Care by Åberg is making a pioneering effort to offer high quality alternatives to hotels, cruise lines and similar industries, while reducing plastic waste and raising environmental awareness.

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We had the opportunity to work with Tom and Isabella from Care by Åberg to create a brand, packaging and website that changes the traditional approach to single-use plastic beauty products in the hospitality industry.

We started by creating a brand identity that's both sustainable and elegant. Then we designed the packaging for their reusable beauty range. We also created tailored marketing materials for Care by Åberg's target customers, such as hotels and cruise lines. We wanted to emphasise the importance of avoiding single-use plastics and using environmentally friendly beauty products.

We built a new website for Care by Åberg and transformed the brand into a sustainability information hub. Visitors can now learn all about the top quality of their eco-friendly products and get a deep insight into their positive impact on the environment. It's the perfect platform to highlight their unwavering commitment to sustainability.

Care by åberg Hello Folk
Care by åberg Hello Folk

The project is still in its early stages, but together we're gearing up to make a real difference in the hospitality industry. By aligning the brand with sustainability principles and using our design expertise, we're on our way to creating a better, greener future.