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Minc, the startup house. Minc, the startup house. Minc, the startup house. Minc, the startup house. Minc, the startup house. Minc, the startup house.

Meet Minc

Malmö birthed startup incubator Minc in 2002, just as the dot com-bubble was set to burst and internet giants were on the rise. Two decades later, Minc has raised and guided hundreds of world-changing entrepreneurs.


Our partnership with Minc began when their website faced major functionality issues and needed a complete overhaul. With new brand guidelines that were challenging to implement digitally, their traditional website failed to scale up and adapt to changing user needs and valuable content integration.

User-Centered Design
Our approach to redesigning Minc's website started with a deep understanding of their users' needs and preferences. Through brainstorming, we were able to identify pain points and areas for improvement in the previous website. From there, we developed a user-centered design that prioritized ease of use, clear navigation, and accessibility. We also ensured that the website was responsive and optimized for different devices and screen sizes, so that users could access it from anywhere.
Style Guide
To ensure branding coherence and simplify future iterations of the website, we developed a custom style guide for Minc. This style guide included guidelines for typography, color palette, graphic component use and other design elements, all of which were based on Minc's new brand guidelines. By having a comprehensive style guide, we were able to ensure that all elements of the website were consistent with Minc's brand and messaging, and that future updates could be made quickly and efficiently.
Our client-first approach to designing Minc's website focused on creating a platform that would meet the needs of both internal teams and external users. We worked closely with Minc to understand their specific needs and requirements, and developed a website that was easy for internal teams to update and maintain. We also ensured that the website was user-friendly and intuitive for external users, with clear calls to action and relevant content. By putting the client first in our design process, we were able to create a website that met everyone's needs and exceeded expectations.

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