Make Your Own

See how we worked with Oona and Salli at MYO to redesign their e-commerce site and custom build a community platform
Make Your Own
July 2022 - present
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MYO Make Your Own Website

The opportunity

Launched in 2020, MYO Make Your Own sought to empower beginners in crafting unique decor and accessories without the need for an art degree.

Oona and Salli approached us for help with their e-commerce site as their current e-commerce site was experiencing technical issues and didn't properly reflect their brand and content.

What we did

Folk partnered with MYO to transform their e-commerce presence. We crafted a bespoke platform for enhanced user experience, including a streamlined checkout process, optimized product pages, and integrated customer reviews.

Moreover, we established a community platform to foster engagement and solidify MYO's leadership in the DIY domain.

The outcome

Our collaborative efforts resulted in a custom e-commerce platform and a modular community hub.

This not only elevated MYO's brand consistency but also empowered their team to effortlessly manage content updates, ensuring an engaging, up-to-date experience for their users.

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