Make your own, crafting made easy. Make your own, crafting made easy. Make your own, crafting made easy.

Meet MYO

Launched in 2020, MYO Make Your Own offers everything beginners need to create their own unique decor and accessories - no art degree required.


MYO Make Your Own approached us for help with their e-commerce site, which was experiencing technical issues and didn't properly reflect their brand and content.

Our team worked closely with MYO Make Your Own to design a custom e-commerce platform that would enhance the user experience and improve internal workflows. We started by analyzing their existing website and identifying areas that needed improvement. Our team then designed a modern and user-friendly interface, ensuring that the platform's design was consistent with MYO's branding. With a focus on user experience, we created a streamlined checkout process, optimized product pages, and integrated live customer reviews.
Community Platform
We built a separate community platform that allowed MYO to receive real-time feedback from their users and keep their platform in sync with the market. We designed this platform with a client-first perspective in mind, ensuring that it was easy to navigate and use for both the client and their users. By providing a space for community engagement, MYO was able to build a loyal following and establish itself as a leader in the DIY space. This community platform has helped MYO grow and develop its brand identity while providing a valuable resource for its users.
Modular Design System
To ensure consistency with MYO's brand, we developed a modular design system that could be applied to all aspects of the e-commerce and the platform. By creating a system of reusable components, we were able to easily adjust the platform as the brand grew and developed. This also made it easy for the MYO team to update instructions and content without needing extensive coding knowledge. Our tailored CMS allowed the team to make changes on the fly, ensuring that the site remained up to date and engaging for their users. This modular design system has allowed MYO to scale its business quickly and efficiently while staying true to its brand identity.

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